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Executive Coaching

We facilitate breakthrough performance by helping executives drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions. 

Leadership Development

Industry leading facilitation unleashes untapped leadership potential by winning mindshare and growing others. 


Behavioral assessments that explain, predict and sometimes correct behavior.  


Hospital System

"Thank you for moving forward the conversation with CEOs and CMOs.  I think it was an excellent day and that we were able to move the needle forward on our appreciation for each other and our ability to work more effectively in the future."   Hugh T, System President


"Thank you for preparing me for TV and public speaking events.  My interview (with Bob Costas) went very well and I couldn't have done it without your help."  Mark G - Olympic Medalist

Architecture, Design, and Construction

"We all bring different talents and strengths to the table.  Roger has helped us recognize these character traits in us and in others to better refine our skills to add strength to our teams and improve our culture.  These seminars are an important part of our training and every time we do them we see immediate results that translate into a more positive work environment." Karin C - President    

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